Cushy The Cuddlefish

We do not have any good photos of any of the finished iterations of our dearest Cushy. We always mean to... but we get wrapped up in finishing touches on playa to ever actually take one decent photo of cushy in action.

For our main attempt to document our journey with Cushy head to:

I will make a secondary attempt to document and put together the Cushy saga here... wish me luck! (Also, if you happen to have any pics whatsoever of any iteration of Cushy, we need them!!! Please reach out to me and I will gleefully post appropriate credits)

In the Beginning...

I am not entirely sure where this started, or if I was even there for the "cuddlefish" inception, but it came and it was embraced in all its cephalopod magic goodness.

Ideas were discussed and at some point between modeling clay concept models and