Battle Bounce Box

Image from beatboxbadhabit's Flicker account

I believe this was the first project Team TAMS worked on together?... I got a call the afternoon of the market in 2014 to show up and help Bryan and Dustin run the truck. I think I contributed eye safety suggestions? and a battle cry at the beginning of each experience :)

The basics of the project were simple but totally fun!

Bryan and Dustin had been toying with an idea for having truck art for the Night Market for a while, but pulled the trigger the day before. They picked up a standard 15ft U-Haul truck and Bryan and Dustin had ran about town trying to buy up as many bouncy balls, light up bouncy balls and glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls that morning. I got a call around 2pm asking me if I would be interested in helping run the event and I could not say no to something so delightfully silly!!

This is one of those many instances where we forgot to take pictures of our art truck. But know that it was a fun time for everyone!

"The Experience" was as follows:

  • We welcomed you and assisted in helping you get on the truck (we forgot there was a ramp on the truck... and in turn hit our knees/shins on the damn ball hitch a few times that night).

  • You were given a set of safety goggles as 5-6 others joined you inside the truck.

  • We had you give us your best battle cry as we shut the door and left you pumped in the back of a box truck with strangers to play with a few hundred bouncy balls in the dark.

        • We also hit the sides of the truck and shook it a little while you were back there to add a little more chaos :)

...Notable Moments...

This night is mostly a blur of laughter and screaming and a vague memory of a friend of ours getting slapped in the face with a fish for science.

My most memorable guest was an older veteran who came with a younger family member. We helped him onto the truck, handed him a pair of goggles and walked the group through the basic thing and the importance of safety goggles. We did our usual battle cry and shut the roll door with a little chaos on the side. After the group bounced around a little, we went ahead and opened back up to giggly red faces that were sad to see it end. The veteran had the biggest smile of all and was excited to tell us just how much fun he had in the truck. He said it was the most fun he had in a long while, and we were so happy to see his enjoyment.