Team TAMS!

This is the most kool band photo of three of us ever! (Photo credit: Nic Weidinger)

Meet Team TAMS!

Team TAMS is primarily comprised of Bryan Culbertson, Dustin Selman and me!

These are projects the three of us have worked on over the last few years. Many of these projects have been more than just the three of us, and I will credit as we remember all the awesome humans that we have collaborated with over the years.

We have a taste for seemingly silly projects that have sometimes been a little beyond our current skills, but we really enjoy stretching ourselves and learning. This process is often accompanied with countless void hours lost at Fucking Home Depot, at least 1 trip to In-n-Out per project and some undisclosed amounts of beer and bourbon :)

The name, Team TAMS, is a reference to every time we go on a trip together. As the self designated vehicle packer, I pride myself in my exhaustive methods of efficiency..... and then we shop along the way and while I protest Every Single Time... Bryan always insists... "There's Always More Space!".. and sure enough we manage to find more damn space...